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2018 05-31

Grandall Advised Jiangsu Yoke Technology for Restructuring Project

On April 11, 2018, a restructuring project of material assets of Jiangsu Yoke Technology Co., Ltd. (“Yoke”, stock code: 002409) has been approved by CSRC unconditionally. The closing of the project was effected on May 31, 2018.

Yoke is a leading chemical material company in China, mainly engaging in the business of fire retardant, advanced composite material, electronic material and semiconductor materials. Upon completion of the transaction, Yoke owns 90% equities of Chengdu Kemeite Special Gas Co., Ltd. (“Kemeite”) and thus indirectly holds 100% equity interests in UP Chemical. In particular, UP Chemical is the world’s leading supplier of semiconductor SOD and precursor products, and Kemeite is a leading manufacturer of special gas, whose products can be used for electronic equipment and semiconductor fabrication. Both the major products of Kemeite and Up Chemical could be used to manufacture chips.

During such restructuring project, Grandall also assisted Yoke in obtaining strategic investment from the National Integrated Circuit Fund.

Grandall Shanghai has been retained as the counsel to this restructuring project and provided the client with comprehensive and high-quality professional service. Members of the lawyers team for this project include Lin Lin, Chen Geng, Jie Chen, Yuanshi Fei, Fei Mo and Pei Zhu.

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